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Does the Outsiders Network provide Talent Management or act as a Talent Agency?

No, Outsiders Network is an online marketplace for vetted outdoor talent, designed to showcase talent in a highly searchable way for clients and promote work for talent. We do not act as Talent Management or a Talent Agency.

How do I join Outsiders Network to be included as outdoor talent for hire?

Simply click the 'Get Hired' button and follow the prompts to fill out the online talent registration form. Once approved, you will receive a notification to create your unique profile.

Who manages the talent contracts and releases?

Once you get hired, your information is then shared with the client to create and manage the contract for the job. Outsiders Network provides templates for contracts, releases, and agreements. Outsiders Network does not manage contract details between the client and the talent.

Who manages talent payment?

The client who has hired talent for the job is responsible for payments. Depending on the contract terms, the talent may be responsible for invoicing the client directly. Once talent has been paid & the job is complete, talent is responsible for closing out that job in their Outsiders Network dashboard.

What fees does Outsiders Network charge?

The Outsiders Network is free for talent and clients to join and search the platform. For clients, a transaction fee is automatically calculated once talent selection is complete and payment is received. A subscription service is available for talent and clients, providing them with additional services for a monthly fee. For clients who are looking to have talent sourced by an Outsiders Network team member, an Executive Service is available. 

Please contact info@outsidersnetwork.com for more details


What support crew (behind camera talent) are you currently accepting into the network?

Outsiders Network accepts photographers, cinematographers, hair stylists, make-up stylists and wardrobe stylists who are comfortable and competent in working with talent on outdoor shoots. As the platform expands, we will continue to increase applications for other positions.  

Can Talent Agencies and Talent Management use the Outsiders Network?

Absolutely. Outsiders Network works with talent representatives to include their talent in outdoor lifestyle and sports activities in the Network. Since Outsiders Network is not a talent management company, we do not have exclusivity over talent. We communicate and agree on terms with the talent representatives to increase work for all talent. 

Can I join Outsiders Network if I already have a Talent Agency? 

Yes. Outsiders Network is not a talent management company. We do not have exclusivity over talent, giving you greater access to exposure. By joining the network, you or your agent can communicate terms on your behalf.

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