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Does the Outsiders Network provide Talent Management or act as a Talent Agency?

No, Outsiders Network does not act like a talent agent or talent management company. We don’t represent talent and actively seek out jobs or manage jobs on behalf of talent. Outsiders Network is, rather, an online marketplace for vetted outdoor talent, designed to showcase talent in a highly searchable way for clients and promote greater work for talent.

What do I need to do to join Outsiders Network if I want to be included as outdoor talent for hire?

Simply click on the Get Hired button and follow the prompts to fill out the online talent registry form. Then we’ll let you know what the next steps are in the evaluation process for your background and experience for being outdoor talent. Once approved, you will receive a notification when the platform is ready to launch (later in the spring) to create your unique profile.

Who manages the talent contracts and releases?

Once talent has been selected for hire, personal contact information will be released to the client. It is then the responsibility of the client to create and manage the talent contract for the job directly with talent. The Outsiders Network provides templates for contracts, releases, and agreements that can be downloaded and filled in if desired.  However, they will be between the two parties themselves and not Outsiders Network.

Who manages talent payment?

It is the responsibility of talent to invoice according to the terms of the job contract once a job wraps. And it is the responsibility of the client hiring talent to pay talent directly within the invoicing terms. Talent are responsible for closing out a job in their Outsiders Network dashboard once they have received payment.

What fees does the Outsiders Network charge?

There is no cost to join Outsiders Network for talent or clients to join and/or search the network.  Outsiders Network charges a transaction fee of 15% on day rates x number of days of a job per each talent. This fee is calculated automatically once talent selection is complete and payment is securely taken, and an invoice is provided immediately.  This fee is paid by the client hiring talent. Subscription services are available to both talent and clients that provide additional services for a monthly fee. Lastly, an Executive service is available for clients who require more support.

What kind of support crew are you accepting into the network as talent? 

At this time Outsiders Network is only inviting photographers, cinematographers, hair stylists, make up stylists and wardrobe stylists who are comfortable and competent working with talent on outdoor shoots. Stay tuned, though. In the future we will be taking on many more kinds of specialised outdoor crew.  

What about Talent Agencies and Talent Management? Can they use the Outsiders Network?

Absolutely. Outsiders Network works with talent reps to include their talent that are skilled in outdoor lifestyle and sports activities in the network. As Outsiders Network is not a talent management company we do not have exclusivity over talent. We communicate and agree on terms with reps with the end goal of providing increased work for all talent and providing a North America wide marketplace to secure the right talent in the right places.

What if I am talent or support crew who want to join the Outsiders Network but already have an agent? 

No problem. Outsiders Network is not a talent management company. We do not have exclusivity over talent. We will communicate and agree on terms with your agent and you will be able to increase your exposure to be hired for outdoor shoots by joining the network and using your own dashboard, network services, and tools on your own or your agent will be able to on your behalf.

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